Moscow - Tallinn - Amsterdam

Moscow, may 22 - 21:30 Moscow Time

Well, that's it. On my own after six weeks... Pete left one hour ago on bus 76 and made it to Byelorussia railway head. His train to Amsterdam will depart at midnight and arrival in Amsterdam is scheduled on thursday may 24 at 10am.

I will fly tomorrow at 11:30 am from Sheremetyevo to Amsterdam via Tallinn (Estonia), where I will have a generous 5 hour lay-over. Ample time to make a city tour, since the airport is very close to city centre. Arrival in Amsterdam will be at 7:05 pm on flight OV473. If all works out I could be under my own shower at 10pm!

Just did the math and added all kilometers from Rotterdam to Rotterdam; 40.655 kilometers. Well over the global circumference and thus earning the name "around the world" for this event.

Tallinn International Airport, may 23

The AeroExpress from Byelorusska tot Sheremetyevo is more than OK. It takes 300 roubles (8 euro) for a 35-minute nonstop voyage. The trainsets are refurbished and upgraded standard-class ER9 EMUs which are found all over Russia. The upgrade is done so well you imagine you are in a newly built EMU but none of that: the 60s and 70s technics are still in use. And it just works.

What's this? Flight OV302 to Tallinn is supposed to be a Canadair Regiojet 900, but what pulls in the terminal is an Embraer 170! Brazilian stuff. Nice surprise. Another new plane on my list. This compensates for the North Korean IL-62 that was taken away from me..

Tallinn airport is situated only a few kilometers from city centre. The Estonians organized local transport perfect. Every 15 minutes a circle-line bus (line 90K) departs for a 16-stop round through Tallinn for only 2 euros. Tallinn is compact and, compared with Moscow's hustle and bustle, almost a sleepy country village. The citadel is colourful and well renovated. No doubt the EU-membership is a big contribution...

A comprehensive pictureshow is below.

to Sheremetyevo
Colleague driver Sergej
in company outfit
Turn-around cleaning.. ..for a smart appearance.
Flight OV302 Tallinn Central Station: 5 tracks Tallinn.. green, level and crisp
Tallinn.. .. .. ..

5pm and the very last flight (the eighth) of my trip is ready to board. This time the foreseen CRJ900 at the gate. Compact plane. 20 rows of 4. Fully loaded. The row ahead seats four young Russians on their way to Amsterdam. Five minutes after take-off they produced their Cokes and Jack Daniels. Another 30 minutes later all four were totally pissed, and 30 more minutes later all four passed out. Nice and quiet! We left them as they were and I would not be surprised if they would not be allowed into the country in this state. Good for them!

CRJ900 for flight OV473 Tallinn (runway at the wingtip),
Tallinn city centre in the middle
8:10 pm: back home! Found in my backpack:
travelled the same 40655 km with me!

Touchdown at Schiphol airport at 7:05 pm, parked at the tarmac since a CRJ900 cannot connect to the terminal. This is an advantage since the shuttle bus drops you off directly at the luggage pick-up and saves you a 20-minute walk. I was at the belt at 7:15, my suitcase came up as first at 7:20, cleared customs and was in the train to Rotterdam at 7:31 pm. At 8:05 pm I opened my front door and was on the veranda 5 minutes later with a cold beer. It is hot here, 27C!

That's all, folks. We hope you have enjoyed our travelog. You are welcome with any feedback or questions!

Onno le Comte
Peter van Rosmalen

Rotterdam, may 24, 2012 - 22:11


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